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Posted by Kathleen Prince on April 19, 2016

Reflections of Life Video Montage is now
Kathleen Prince Photography

We are pleased to announce the expansion of Reflections of Life Video to include photographs, photo artwork and photo restoration. We’ve gathered everything together on one site, for your convenience.


Award Winning Photo Slideshows

We create slideshows for all occasions: weddings and receptions, anniversaries, birthdays, memorials, vacations – the list is limited only by your imagination. In 2015, we received the Best of Florence Award in Videography, and had previously earned an award for Best Photo Montage in Travel.

Our slideshows are all individually hand-crafted to ensure that the subject of the video is captured “to a tee”! The handcrafting is why you will not see any pre-designed show packages – each photo slideshow is unique, and is guaranteed to wow the audience.

Stunning Photo Artwork

Monument Valley Entrance“That photograph would sell easily!” “Can I buy that?” “Where Can I Get That Photograph?” Folks have asked me questions like this for several years, and the end result is the creation of Kathleen Prince Photography. We’re proud to announce that Kathleen’s photographs are now available to purchase online. Click HERE or on the photo to the left to go to the photo store.

If you happen to see a photo that catches your eye, but you wish it was in black & white instead of color, or had a watercolor effect vs the standard photo, give us a call. We welcome custom orders!

Photo Restoration

photo restoration image
Do you have a box (or boxes) of photographs, sitting in a back closet, slowly yellowing and cracking with age? Everyone does! Don’t let those photographs disintegrate! Instead, give me a call. We can restore those photographs and help to preserve those images of your family heritage.

Click HERE or on the photo above to view samples of our restoration work.


Look Around the Site, Then Give Us A Call

If you’re looking for that truly special DVD video slideshow, you have photographs that need restoration, or you’re looking for unique photo artwork, give us a call! Questions and custom orders always welcomed.

Please call (425) 941-9671 or use the contact form below to send us an email today.

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We look forward to hearing from you.

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