Blue and More Blue Focusing on Blue Abstract Photography

Posted by Kathleen Prince on April 19, 2016

Do you love the color blue?   Well, I sure do!    So, when my photo club chose the color blue for one of its’ recent assignments I was in heaven.   Until I headed out into the world and realized how difficult it actually was to find blue items to photograph.   One can only take so many photos of the sky.  So, as the date of the assignment grew closer, I realized I would have to move indoors and play with still-life type photos, where I could control the colors myself.

Water has always fascinated me, so I naturally gravitated there to start my project.  I found an old golf-ball, a blue sharpie – and voila!  Blue golf ball.     Camera on tripod?  Check!  Glass of water set up in a pan?  Check!  Background set and protected from splashes.  Check!   Remote trigger for the camera?  Check.   Ok – off we go!    I dropped the first ball into the glass of water… and ….   missed.

Golf Ball Misses the Glass

Golf Ball Misses the Glass

Thank goodness for that catch pan.   But my aim improved and some fun shots were captured.

Next, I tried dropping some blue food coloring into a glass of water.  By gently stirring the water in the glass, currents were created.  Those currents carried the food color around creating mesmerizing shapes.

I just might have to try printing one of these onto metal –  I suspect the blue would really pop then!    Check out my Abstract Gallery for these and more blue abstract photographs!

What is the favorite blue-colored item that you have photographed?


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