Photo Restoration Restoring Photographs – Preserving Memories

We all have old photographs and slides that we treasure, which have faded, yellowed or become damaged over time. It would be our privilege to digitally restore those photographs for you.

All photo restoration work is done by hand to a digitally scanned image of your photograph. The original is not touched in any way.  Click on the photo below to see examples of our repair work.


Typical Photograph Repair Includes

  • repair and restore old or damaged photos
  • color correction, digital enhancement
  • correcting fading and yellowing
  • red eye correction
  • photo collage
  • correction of spots and scratches
  • removing or changing backgrounds
  • facial retouching (blemish removal, wrinkle softening)

Please call or Email Us today so we can talk more about preserving and/or repairing your special photographs and slides.
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