Baby’s First Year Capturing the many "firsts" during a child's first year

Morgan First Year




” We Couldn’t Be Happier “






Impressed with the quality

” The video presentation went over so well!  (…)  Our guests, family and friends were all so impressed with the quality of the production.  I think there were about 30-40 people who sat still, including the kids for the 30+ minutes watching the video!  ”

Mixed media presentation

This presentation was truly mixed-media; almost every still photograph had a snippet of video to accompany it.   Although time intensive to create, the end result is one of my favorites.  The video clips, especially the ones with sound, really showed off this little one’s personality.   Down the road when she has grown up, being able to look back and hear her as a baby will be priceless.   It is with pride that I work to create custom individualized videos that truly capture the spirit of the event and people involved.  No cookie cutter packages here!

Wow, Wow, Wow!

” Wow, wow, wow !!!  I don’t know how you’re doing it because I’m pretty tough to impress, but I am more and more blown away by each Chapter and your incredibly talented, creative and thoughtful work that is transforming memories into the most beautiful story ever. ”

Where did you find her?

” My little guy loved seeing himself on the big screen.  (…)  My wife had tears in her eyes and was so surprised.   I also had many people asking “where did you get that done” and “where did you find her?”.     We couldn’t be happier.