Digitizing Transfer old photographs, slides and video to DVD

Digitize save photos slides tapes. Digitizing



” A Wonderful Job “






Digitizing Preserves Your Memories

It is said that things get better with time.  Unfortunately that isn’t the case for photographs, slides and video tapes.  Time is their enemy, changing once bright and clear pictures into hazy, yellow, faded ones.     Digitizing is the process of copying photos, slides, video tapes and putting them onto DVDs or external storage drives in order to save them so you, and your future generations, can enjoy them.

A Wonderful Job

” I would recommend Kathy and Reflections of Life Video to anyone who needs their cassettes and VHS tapes made into CD’s and DVD’s.  Kathy did a wonderful job of transferring outdated format to something that was so user friendly. She was a joy to work with and also got the job done quickly. I was so very pleased with the results.   Thank you, Thank you.  “