Memorial Capturing the essence of a loved one

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” It Is So Beautiful “


Mario Brossard Jr.



Captured the essence of the man

We believe that a memorial video should capture the essence and spirit of the individual.  The presentation should look back at that individual’s life recalling their achievements, their friends and family, and maybe even the obstacles they overcame during their lifetime.   Some memorial videos are created with traditional religious music, while others might have contemporary religious tunes.  Other families have requested rock and roll – as that suited their loved one.  Whatever the request, we strive to create a one-of-a-kind video that truly captures the spirit of the individual.

The passing of a loved one is such a stressful time for the family.  We believe strongly that our job is to ensure that the creation of the memorial video is as easy on the loved ones as possible.   We will change out, rearrange and add photos and music until the piece is “just right”.

Not a dry eye in the house

” Can I just say how impressed we are with your creative talent and capturing the essence of the wonderful man that my husband’s father was. The video you created was more than we expected. It is so beautiful and I know there will not be a dry eye in the house. So many people loved him and adored him and he was everything to my husband. “