The Hawk Family – Part 3 Boy do they grow fast !

Posted by Kathleen Prince on May 10, 2016
Ferruginous Hawks - third week of photography

3 Young Ferruginous Hawks


It has been 6 days since I last photographed the family of Ferruginous Hawks that live just down the road a bit, and boy are they growing!   From a distance, I thought that the adults were in the nest; but upon further investigation (thanks to a long zoom lens) it was clear that the young ones are still in the nest.


A few facts about Ferruginous Hawks:

Often referred to as Buteos, they are large birds.  The Ferruginous Hawk is the largest Bueto Hawks.

The typical adult weights 2.6 pounds, while mature females can exceed 4.4 pounds.

They breed in pairs, and may mate for life.

Once the fledgling stage is reached, the female does most of the hunting.

I have an itch!

Young hawk with an itch to scratch


This hawk had an itch on his chin, and scratched and scratched at it.  I grabbed this shot as one can really see the talons that this young hawk has.

Mom and Dad on the hunt

Timing was fortunate and I was able to capture a few photos of the two adults hunting together.   They were a long ways off, so the photos aren’t great – but it was still fun to observe them hunting together.

Adult pair hunting for dinner

2 Adults on the hunt

Pair of adults hunting for dinner

2 Adults getting ready to do a “fly by”


Dinner has arrived !

Based upon readings about the Ferruginous Hawks, it appears that the female does the hunting once she can leave the little ones alone in the nest.  The female is usually larger than the male, but without seeing them side by side, it is awfully hard to tell who is bringing dinner to the brood.

Dinner is on its' way

Kids … dinner is here !

Adult hawk arrives with dinner for chicks

Adult (with wings spread) drops off a ground squirrel for the young ones


Spectacular bird

It has been a treat to be able to observe and photograph this stunning hawks.  I hope that they are still around just a bit longer as I haven’t run out of “digital film” just yet.


Adult Ferruginous hawk flies overhead

While one adult dropped off a ground squirrel for the young ones, this adult flew right overhead.


These photos were taken on May 5th.  I’ll try to go by to photograph them later today, and will update the blog when I do.


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