Happy Birthday!
1st or 100th – Celebrate Them All.

Time is fleeting. In the blink of an eye, a baby turns 16. Blink again, they’re 21. Yet again and it’s time to celebrate their 50th birthday.

Unfortunately memories of those years fade almost as quickly as they’re made. With a birthday DVD slideshow, all those wonderful memories will not fade away, but can be re-lived and enjoyed every time the video is watched.


Blown Away By the Quality (Surprise 40th Birthday)
We contacted Reflections of Life to create a video for our son’s 40th birthday. The video far exceeded our expectations! As Tim and I watched each chapter for review and approval, we learned to keep the Kleenex box close by. The music and captions fit each period in his life perfectly.
His brother and our extended family were all blown away with the quality of the production. I heard later that friends of family watched it and felt the same way.I don’t think I could put a price on this family treasure, it was well worth the cost. Would I recommend and use Kathy again…..absolutely!
 – Tim & Linda Wheeler, Arizona


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It would be an honor to create a family treasure for you, or someone you love.